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Re: Unable to send msg from command line

From: leos
Subject: Re: Unable to send msg from command line
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 20:04:04 +0300

Hi Alan,
Gnokii expects getting message text on a standard input so the following
should work for you:
C:\MYGNOKII\WIN32\CONSOLE>echo "Message text" | mygnokii --sendsms +************
I don't use Windows version but I believe it should be the same. Try it.

I'm new to Gnokii and I can successfully use the Mygnokii console application to get information from my phone but I can not get the --sendsms working properly. The following is output I get when I try it.

C:\MYGNOKII\WIN32\CONSOLE>mygnokii --sendsms +************ Message Test ^D

Warning: saving 2 chars
(After typing ctrl-d the line appeared to be waiting, after a while i typed ctrl-c, "Warning: saving 2 chars" appeared after I typed ctrl-c)


C:\MYGNOKII\WIN32\CONSOLE>mygnokii --sendsms +************ Message 2 Test


Warning: saving 160 chars
SMS 1/1 sent OK !

(On this second attempt I held down ctrl-d in frustration and then pressed return.  I did receive a message on my phone but it was all ? marks and no text, ie "Message 2 Test" did not appear in the text of the message).

I am using a Nokia 3210 witn a fbus cable on Windows 2000.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Alan Smith

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