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Re: OR fix the prefix of eachmessage header

From: leos
Subject: Re: OR fix the prefix of eachmessage header
Date: Fri, 05 Apr 2002 20:51:33 +0300

Dear Karl,

Thank you for your interesting comments...

>> ==========================================
>> Jochen Schnapka          Re: <some subject description>
>> ==========================================

>As far as I can see, you're using M$Outlook. You should able to change
>which columns are displayed for each message. Try right-clicking on the
>column headings, perhaps?

What I can't understand is why many people here try to teach others 
with basical things and press them in their way of work. Why many
people don't believe that others can have their good reasons for 
doing things their ways?

Yes I did use M$OL just for the last message as every recipient could 
see (e.g. now I use different way) but it is not important. Do you 
really believe that it is very senseful to include next "To:" column 
because of 1% of messages that you propose to identify that way?

>> Are some 3 characters of the prefix so high tax to be unacceptable?

>On most systems, you can have the system sort the mail for you, e.g. by
>using procmail. Or use scoring techniques in mutt. Lots.

Again the same problem: teaching.. ;)) I thought we were not discussing
how to sort or distribute messages (that everybody knows) but how to 
identify them convenient way for everyone, weren't we? What I need is 
getting a fast visual orientation in one chronolically sorted list. 
Hence not subject sorting or including additional columns or beaking 
the list in many partial boxes. 

That's why I asked owners to add some 3-char identification prefix.

I still believe it is acceptable for everyone.


Dr Leos.

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