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Re: OR fix the prefix of eachmessage header

From: Terje Bless
Subject: Re: OR fix the prefix of eachmessage header
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 16:36:28 +0200

leos <address@hidden> wrote:

>>redundant. I can see from the 'To:'-Line, whether it's a list mail or a 
>The problem is only that there is no "To:" column in the list of

Since I happen to have Outlook Express here I checked and it turns out that
you /can/ actually display the "To" column. You do it by selecting the
"Inbox", choosing "Columns..." from the "View" menu, checking the checkbox
next to the "To" entry in the list, and clicking the "Ok" button. You can
even reorder the columns to suit you and sort on any displayed column. And
contrary to popular belief, OE does in fact support filtering so you can
move Gnokii messages into a separate folder.

No charge...

Of course we are the good guys! We define what is good and evil. All other
definitions are wrong, and possibly the product of a deranged imagination.
                                                         -- Stephen Harris

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