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Re: OR fix the prefix of eachmessage header

From: leos
Subject: Re: OR fix the prefix of eachmessage header
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 16:29:58 +0300

> redundant. I can see from the 'To:'-Line, whether it's a list mail or a 

The problem is only that there is no "To:" column in the list of messages.
(Of course if you look inside the message, you can see it but it is not
what we are talking about.)

In the case of your message I can see in the list:

Jochen Schnapka          Re: <some subject description>

If I haven't heard/remember your name and I haven't never seen/remember 
that subject I have a choice: 
    -  To remove it as a spamm or
    -  To opent it to get informed about its source.

Are some 3 characters of the prefix so high tax to be unacceptable?

Or wasn't your comment rather a joke? ;))


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