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Re: Patch 3

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: Patch 3
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2002 11:07:31 +0200


>>> address@hidden 3 April 2002 08:57:06 >>>
* Pawel Kot writes:
> >> Other changes:
> >> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> >> * GetIMEI removed from nk6100.c
> > Why?
> Because 6110 doesn't have a special GetIMEI frame (apart from the one
> under the security commands), so GetIMEI is switched to Identify. (Hope
> it is clear what I mean)

Yes. It's clear. No further comments to this issue.

And I'd like to point one important thing. We use identify function too much.
Two examples. The first example: when you do gnokii --identify identify()
function is called twice. The second example: running gnokii identify() is
called every time some functionality is used. We need to get rid of it and
use identify() only *once* for the user application run. We need to check
some global values (representing model etc) in identify(). Anyone to do it?
Thanks to Igor Popik for pointing me it out and saying that it's dumb ;-)

keep warm,

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