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Re: [Gnewsense-dev] usplash on yeeloong

From: Sam Geeraerts
Subject: Re: [Gnewsense-dev] usplash on yeeloong
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 21:17:22 +0100
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Robert Millan schreef:

usplash works on yeeloong now.  If you dist-upgrade, you'll get a properly setup
system for yeeloong's screen resolution.  All you have to do is load the initrd
after linux.  E.g:

  load /dev/fs/address@hidden/vmlinux-
  initrd /dev/fs/address@hidden/initrd.img-

I just dist-upgraded. I now have an animated splash screen both at bootup and at shutdown.

Btw, I think you forgot the boot directory there:

load /dev/fs/address@hidden/boot/vmlinux-
initrd /dev/fs/address@hidden/boot/initrd.img-

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