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[Gnash] There is another OSS Flash alternative.

From: Devin Harper
Subject: [Gnash] There is another OSS Flash alternative.
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012 23:32:01 -0700

Lightspark is another open source software Flash alternative licensed under the LGPLv3. I was wondering if the Gnash project is aware of it and if it could mediate a consolidation of each groups' efforts. I've tried Lightspark several months ago and it was not able to play sound for Youtube videos, but I've heard it is advanced in terms of Flash games. I have not yet tried Gnash, but I hear it can play Youtube videos well, and since I have also heard Gnash is not very capable in Flash games but Lightspark is okay, Gnash and Lightspark would really benefit for lots of progress if the two projects joined forces. Does anyone agree? Has this effort been considered already?

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