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Re: [Glug-nith-discuss] Bandwidth upgraded for glug-nith fedora-mirror

From: Debarshi Ray
Subject: Re: [Glug-nith-discuss] Bandwidth upgraded for glug-nith fedora-mirror
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2009 00:17:10 +0530

> But i just found that somebody

That somebody is me. I thought Vivek had already informed you about
this, but anyway.

> commented out updates and
> releases section in fedora-mirror and deleted all files from
> updates and releases section of fedora-repos.

Simply because Razorblade had run out of disk space and the mirrors
had fallen behind by two or three weeks. It is really strange that no
one in the college noticed this fact earlier.

For the moment, we took out the Fedora 10 content and decided to stick
to Rawhide. The reasoning behind this was that the Fedora 10 content
seemed to have exploded, causing the storage crisis. With the recent
introduction of noarch sub-packages [1], current Rawhide and future
releases from Fedora 11 onwards will be significantly lesser in size.
So it makes sense to pick skip Fedora 10 and move to Fedora 11 when it
comes out.



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