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[Glug-nith-discuss] Network installation of Fedora 7

From: Manu G.V
Subject: [Glug-nith-discuss] Network installation of Fedora 7
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 22:14:20 +0530

Feisty 64bit installation a month before was becoming sluggish in my
powerful machine. I was frustrated as Firefox was to get hanged and
sometimes sound worked and sometimes it didn't. Sound problem had
become more frequent and irritating. Sometime back I got a F7 64bit
DVD from Pandit but DVD was screwed. And everyday I was becoming more
and more tempted to install F7. Atlast that day turned up to be
yesterday. How to install F7 was a big question. There is no DVD dump
of F7, no cds so that i can write any live cd. So the only option
turned up to be my USB disk. IIT Bombay has a very good collection of
GNU/Linux resources. They host complete fedora repo and many different
distros of GNU/Linux. Their F7 repo was completely updated except the
fact that F7 64bit DVD is missing.

I used my USB flash drive to boot and next using network i installed
F7. You can find more information about making a boot able disc from
this link below.

BIOS has to support booting from an USB now a days all new PC/Laptops
have this support. After booting a nice splash screen comes giving you
three options
1. Install or upgrade existing fedora
2. Install/upgrade in text mode
3. Boot from harddisk

I selected first option. Anaconda started then language and keyboard
settings came up.
After this it gives few options of installation.
1. Local disk
2. NFS
3. Http
4. Ftp
I think i have missed one option. I selected ftp. Then it asked me
about the internet settings. It supports both IPv4 and IPv6. I
selected IPv4 and manual configuration.

Then I set my IP/subnet mask, gateway, domianname(DNS).
Then new screen comes up asking for ftp server address
"" and and directory which has fedora packages like the
below mentioned "os/fedora/releases/7/Fedora/x86_64/os". Then another
option to set to "anonymous or not " is also present. Its default is
"anonymous". After this press ok
Then it searches for the stage2.img in

Once its connected then everything goes normal same as DVD
installation. Don't click on Release notes as i got screwed for the
first time which made to repeat. Installation took approximately
27mins and mostly by DVD it may take 20 minutes in my Laptop.
Now F7 is running smooth and nice. Fedora is a great distro as it
offers a wide range of ways of installation. (its my personal view so
personal attacks will be ignored or will be dealt the way they have to
be. no questions).


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