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[glob2-devel] Hired Programmer

From: Bradley Arsenault
Subject: [glob2-devel] Hired Programmer
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 17:27:26 -0500

I have officially been hired by Leo to work on glob2 as close to full time as I can, and for quite cheap I might add since I like Globulation 2. Despite some recent and farther back conflicts, as a hired programmer, my one and only purpose is to implement what the community desires.

I will be working between 30-40 hours per week on Globulation 2, which is a huge amount of resources for the project, and I should be able to get many features implemented. Leo has so far payed for 2 months. If people are satisfied with my work, they can donate for more.

Since I should be able to get lots accomplished with my time, feel free to send me suggestions as to features you want. When I finish implementing all the current requests, I'll contact the mailing list for more ideas. My current to-do feature list/roadmap is as stands, based on Leos requests:

- Fix networking bugs
- Search and destroy major bugs
- Beta 2 release
- Tabbed interface for networking, and overall better interface for large number of players
- System for playing sounds implemented
- task switching possible (going windowed) during game
- VOIP on all platforms
- Paving Areas
- Improved unit allocation system
- Feature freeze and heavy testing
- 1.0 Release

My personal requests are for the following features:
- Pre-game alliances
- Custom game using on-the-fly generated random maps
- Lots more random map styles and potentially random-map scripts
- Improved Nicowar (I have several ideas)
- New campaign

Also reading through, Kieran had a couple good quick ideas before he disappeared, and has tons of great ideas. I just need the community to decide what features they want, and what priority they want them implemented in.

Extra cheese comes at a cost. Bradley Arsenault.
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