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[Ghm-discuss] GNU Hackers Meeting 2014 Update

From: ghm
Subject: [Ghm-discuss] GNU Hackers Meeting 2014 Update
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2014 15:12:13 +0200

GNU Hackers Meeting Update

Hello to all GHM 2014 attendees!  Here is an update of the
arrangements for the conference.


The programme is being finalised, and will available on the web site shortly.
If you want to present a talk and have not yet registered it, please contact
NOW.  We may still be able to squeeze you in somewhere.


T-Shirts have been printed and there are sufficient available for all
those who requested them, plus a few more.  The cost will be EUR 13.00
You can see a photograph of the product at
Thanks to Luca Saiu for organising this.  

A few people have already sent in their GPG key for signing.  If you
wish to participate in the keysigning, email your ascii  
armoured public key to address@hidden with the subject "KEYSIGNING"
Use the command:

 gpg --armor --export substitute-your-key-id | mail -s "KEYSIGNING" 

(You can find your own key using the command: gpg --list-secret-keys)

Shortly before the event, we will publish the list of keys and the SHA1
and MD5 checksums.  You should print out the list, and verify the
checksum of your own key, and the checksum of the list.  Bring the
printed list with you.  Copies will not be available at the meeting!

Some hackers have a policy only to sign keys having seen a passport
or other form of identification of the owner - so please bring such ID
with you!  

If you have no idea what a PGP key is, or why you should have it 
signed, please see


Since the meeting takes place during the semester-break, the canteen
at TUM will be closed.  However, you will not starve!  The organisers
are considering various options to ensure that refreshments will be
available, one way or another.  To assist with planning,  if you have
special dietary needs please email them to address@hidden if you have not
already done so.

Getting there

Most people will probably be staying in accommodation in Garching,
which is a few kilometers from where the meeting is to be held.
get to and from your hotel to the meeting, you will need to travel one
stop on the U-Bahn (between Garching and Garching-Forschungszentrum).
The most economical ticket to buy is probably a "Streifenkarte"  which
is valid for 10 "rides", and must be "validated" before each ride.
You can share one with a friend, validate one for each person.

To get to Garching from Munich train station (either from Hauptbahnhof
or Ostbahnhof) take the S-Bahn (any line) to Marienplatz and then the
U-Bahn line U6.

If coming from Munich Airport, take the S8 to Issmanning, and then bus
number 230 to Garching.

The website for local public transport is
Please note, that Friday 15 August is a public holiday in Bavaria, and
the public transport will be running to a Sunday timetable!

If you get hopelessly lost or run into difficulties, please telephone
01514 0336849 and somebody will try to help you out.

Applications for travel assistance now closed

The cut-off date for applications for travel assistance has passed.
Unfortunately no more applications can be considered this year.

Not yet registered?

If you have not yet registered to attend, please do so now.  There is
no cost to attend, but you must register at

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