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[Ghm-discuss] Bricked Thinkpad, has someone the material?

From: Garreau\, Alexandre
Subject: [Ghm-discuss] Bricked Thinkpad, has someone the material?
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2014 03:04:47 +0200
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Hello! After asking on IRC if someone knew if it could be probable that
someone coming at GHM could own the material to unbrick a computer, I
got proposed to just ask here.

So here the situation: I’ve unfortunately accidentally bricked (made
unusable flashing a non working bootloader on payload) a Lenovo Thinkpad
X60T, reflashing libreboot on it after trying to add some crypto modules
to GRUB, thinking the image was fine after some erroneous test (the
tested image wasn’t the correct one), and I don’t have the material to
unbrick it. Now I asked on IRC to some JuPi-camp pirates (with who I
will pass the next 10 days) if it was possible someone of them had, and
it seems not. So before trying to purchase the material I try asking
here if someone already has such material, which includes, according
fchmmr (Francis Bowe, the gluglug-one-man): “a bus pirate or some other
programmer, and a clip (pomona 5250 is what I use) and the cable for it,
and a usb cable”.

In the case nobody has, I’d need to purchase one. So if it can be sent
so that it arrives to Munich before August 1th, I can get it before
going to Moritzburg with pirates, otherwise I’d try to send it here
somewhere where I could take it, and otherwise I’d keep sending it to
Munich so that when I come back after 10th I can unbrick it before GHM
begins. So in this case, since I do not know any German vendor, does
someone familiar to Germany and with a little experience on that advise
me on where to buy it please, according the time needs?

Thank you very much for any help ^^, my other computer is just
dissolving ^^", it becomes more fragile each day (screen, keyboard,
cables… and battery is likely to explode within few time according how
it inflated, it even breaked the computer base panel :o)…

See you at GHM! ^^

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