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[Ghm-discuss] Re: GHM in review

From: Sam Geeraerts
Subject: [Ghm-discuss] Re: GHM in review
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2010 23:49:38 +0200
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Andy Wingo schreef:
>   1. What was great about the meeting? Name one or two of your favorite
>      things.

- Meeting other free distro folk and some of the GNU people I heard about.
- Learning about projects that I didn't know much about yet.
- Close to where I live.

>   2. What could have been better? Again, one or two things, along with
>      suggestions for improvements if you have them.

- Acoustics were not too great, which made it hard to understand the
speaker sometimes. Maybe only open the windows between talks next time.
- The keysigning was not very orderly. Perhaps as a keysigning newbie I
was partly responsible for messing it up, though. :)

>   3. Was there anything missing from the meeting? Or, alternately, was
>      there some part of the meeting we could have done without?

Proper beer would have been nice. ;)

>   4. What about focus -- did we have a good focus? Too broad, too
>      narrow?

I liked it how it was: a main theme + other topics.

>   5. What about the size? Do you want the GHM to be bigger in the
>      future? How would you feel if there were 100 people there?

The small scale was one of the great things about the meeting for me. I
find people more approachable then (and easier to find :) ). 100 people
is still cool, I'd say.

>   6. What about colocation? Did this influence your decision to attend?
>      Was it a good thing or a bad thing?

It influenced Karl to attend, which in turn influenced me to attend, so
seems like a good thing.

>   7. Any other comments?

Thanks for making this happen.

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