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Re: [Geiser-users] [BUG] Hanging while completing symbol in a Racket fil

From: Diogo F. S. Ramos
Subject: Re: [Geiser-users] [BUG] Hanging while completing symbol in a Racket filename which contains a white space
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2013 17:39:20 -0300
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/24.3 (gnu/linux)

"Jose A. Ortega Ruiz" <address@hidden> writes:

>> #lang racket
>> (li<M-tab>
> I can't reproduce the problem, neither in the REPL with TAB nor in the
> racket buffer with M-TAB.  Perhaps it's our differing Racket
> versions... i was waiting for the Debian's package update, but i'll
> upgrade manually during the weekend... or perhaps it's Emacs 24.3.1:
> i'll try with 24.3.2, which is what debian unstable has right now...
> in the meantime, you can see a detailed log of the messages between
> racket and emacs if beforehand you type: 'C-u M-x
> geiser-show-logs'... what messages appear in the log window when you
> press M-TAB?

Here we go:

INFO: REQUEST: <1>: ,geiser-eval geiser/user #f (image-cache)

INFO: RETORT: ((result "\"/var/tmp\"") (output . ""))

INFO: <1>: processed

INFO: REQUEST: <2>: ,geiser-eval "/tmp/foo bar.rkt" racket ,apply 
geiser:autodoc ('(li li))

INFO: REQUEST: <3>: ,geiser-eval "/tmp/foo bar.rkt" racket ,apply 
geiser:completions ("li")

I had to press C-g to get Emacs back.

I'll try later to compile Racket 5.3.1 to see if this problem persists.

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