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Re: [Geiser-users] [BUG] Hanging while completing symbol in a Racket fil

From: Diogo F. S. Ramos
Subject: Re: [Geiser-users] [BUG] Hanging while completing symbol in a Racket filename which contains a white space
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2013 18:04:50 -0300
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/24.3 (gnu/linux)

address@hidden (Diogo F. S. Ramos) writes:

> "Jose A. Ortega Ruiz" <address@hidden> writes:
>>> #lang racket
>>> (li<M-tab>
>> I can't reproduce the problem, neither in the REPL with TAB nor in the
>> racket buffer with M-TAB.  Perhaps it's our differing Racket
>> versions... i was waiting for the Debian's package update, but i'll
>> upgrade manually during the weekend... or perhaps it's Emacs 24.3.1:
>> i'll try with 24.3.2, which is what debian unstable has right now...
>> in the meantime, you can see a detailed log of the messages between
>> racket and emacs if beforehand you type: 'C-u M-x
>> geiser-show-logs'... what messages appear in the log window when you
>> press M-TAB?
> Here we go:
> INFO: REQUEST: <1>: ,geiser-eval geiser/user #f (image-cache)
> INFO: RETORT: ((result "\"/var/tmp\"") (output . ""))
> INFO: <1>: processed
> INFO: REQUEST: <2>: ,geiser-eval "/tmp/foo bar.rkt" racket ,apply 
> geiser:autodoc ('(li li))
> INFO: REQUEST: <3>: ,geiser-eval "/tmp/foo bar.rkt" racket ,apply 
> geiser:completions ("li")
> I had to press C-g to get Emacs back.
> I'll try later to compile Racket 5.3.1 to see if this problem persists.

Nah, it still hangs with Racket 5.3.1.

Oh well, if no one else can reproduce this, let's just drop it.  I don't
remember seen a project with a white space and it might be something
here.  I don't know.

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