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Re: [gcmd-usr] No tooltips in GCMD

From: Uwe Scholz
Subject: Re: [gcmd-usr] No tooltips in GCMD
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2019 22:58:52 +0100


Am Wed, 30 Jan 2019 19:28:12 -0600 schrieb address@hidden:
> I searched in 'ALL' bugs for anything on tooltips.
> ** In Mint 18.1, gcmd 1.8.1, no tooltips show in the main file
> manager window or in Search Results window, when text strings exceed
> column widths.  Tooltips showing filenames, full directory paths,
> etc., would be more important to me than tooltips for every button or
> explaining options, etc.
> But Uwe is so good, he could probably knock out adding tooltips for 
> every possible thing in gcmd on a  Saturday afternoon!

Ha! This would be great! :-D

> Did I miss a setting to enable tooltips in gcmd?
> Unless they are available, I'd consider them an extremely useful,
> almost necessity new feature.

Tooltips for file names in the file panes or in the search window are
not available as far as I know. :-( This feature was requested in the
past already, but up to know I had no time to find out how this can be
implemented. But it is already on my ToDo list :)

> * Also, is it possible to add or enable filtering capability on the 
> search *results*, or even a Find toolbar in the Search Results window
> - similar to Firefox find bar?  With many results, filtering or
> "finding" on a page or in long lists is extremely useful to me. In
> text editors like Geany, I use Find tool constantly.

This is possible via quick-search: (see Options -> General -> Quick
search). So if you activated the first radio button for example, hit
Alt+Ctrl+letter and a quick search text field will open in which you
can search for a file. Searching in this field works with "*" for any
letter as well, i.e. if you have a file like abcdef.jpg, you can find
it via "*def" in the search result window.

> Nemo (3.2.2) in Mint 18.1 only shows tooltips in the main window, but 
> not in the sidebar / tree view, AFAIK.
> All of Nemo's tooltips options are enabled, but there's no option for 
> "Use tooltips in Tree view."
> Thanks.


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