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[gcmd-usr] No tooltips in GCMD

From: bendov
Subject: [gcmd-usr] No tooltips in GCMD
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2019 19:28:12 -0600
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I searched in 'ALL' bugs for anything on tooltips.
** In Mint 18.1, gcmd 1.8.1, no tooltips show in the main file manager window or in Search Results window, when text strings exceed column widths.  Tooltips showing filenames, full directory paths, etc., would be more important to me than tooltips for every button or explaining options, etc.

But Uwe is so good, he could probably knock out adding tooltips for every possible thing in gcmd on a  Saturday afternoon!

Did I miss a setting to enable tooltips in gcmd?
Unless they are available, I'd consider them an extremely useful, almost necessity new feature.

* Also, is it possible to add or enable filtering capability on the search *results*, or even a Find toolbar in the Search Results window - similar to Firefox find bar?  With many results, filtering or "finding" on a page or in long lists is extremely useful to me. In text editors like Geany, I use Find tool constantly.

Nemo (3.2.2) in Mint 18.1 only shows tooltips in the main window, but not in the sidebar / tree view, AFAIK. All of Nemo's tooltips options are enabled, but there's no option for "Use tooltips in Tree view."


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