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Re: [gcmd-usr] Feature Request - Bookmarks and CTRL button

From: Piotr Eljasiak
Subject: Re: [gcmd-usr] Feature Request - Bookmarks and CTRL button
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2007 01:26:00 +0100

> >  CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT will be accessible to gcmd *ONLY IF* 
> > wmaker/enlightenment/ ... doesn't use it.
> Yes, and that's the point. The gcmd feature will not be available
> for folks like me.

I'd like to stick to CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT shortcuts :o) For users with
blocked access to those, we could use CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT/RIGHT too. What
about it?

> > Let's quote TC manual:
> > 
> >             Open directory/archive and display it in the target
> >             window.
> That's weird, 'lynx-like' movements are widely established.
> That is, arrows without Ctrl. You got that in mc, in krusader,
> konqueror, pinfo, and ... lynx ;) I suppose in just about anything 
> else, too. Ok, moving into and thorugh archives in the filenamanger, 
> like any filesystem,  is not yet standard (only mc can do this AFAICS) 
> but this detail doesn't contribute to the topic.
> >              If the cursor is not on a directory name, the
> >               current directory is displayed instead.
> What does it mean ? Do nothing ?

Sorry for being imprecise...

Having active left file list:

        a) cursor over <DIR>    -> sets inactive (right) cwd to <DIR>
        b) cursor over non-dir  -> sets inactive (right) cwd to the active cwd
CTRL+LEFT       ->      sets active (left) cwd to the inactive one

> Come on, why should we consider TC as final reference.
> We have the right to introduce something better, maybe we'll 
> be even famous one day ;) and as soon as we got world domination 
> the whole discussion will be over anyway.

Many, many users coming from Windows world have used (and still use) TC.
TC is de facto standard for being excellent app, and no *nix file
manager has ever come even close to TC's speed, reliability and

And even though I do not intend to blindly copy all the TC's gui. The
precedence (for gui consistency) is as follows:

        1. Gnome HIG
        2. mc
        3. TC
        4. Nautilus

Being compliant with well known apps is not the bad thing ;o) It gives
the users the 'good feeling' when used.

> > OK, it won't hurt leaving previous key bindings:
> >         CTRL+. and CTRL+SHIFT+.
> > This way everybody will be happy now ;o)))
> But this is broken on any german USB or serial keyboard
> i tried so far. Ctrl+. works on native US keyboard, but Ctrl+Shift+.
> is broken too.

Could give some more details on that? I don't have access to any German
keyboard here...


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