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Re: [gcmd-usr] Feature Request - Bookmarks and CTRL button

From: Piotr Eljasiak
Subject: Re: [gcmd-usr] Feature Request - Bookmarks and CTRL button
Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2007 00:06:19 +0100

> > TC is de facto standard for being excellent app, and no *nix file
> > manager has ever come even close to TC's speed, reliability and
> > functionality.
> Not true, I was using both TC and krusader for couple of years (first
> one while I was on Windows, and the second one when I could be on KDE)
> and I think their functionality is virtually equivalent -- of course,
> some differences persist, but they are given mostly by the different
> environment. I hate to say it, but GC is IMHO still far behind.

I can't disagree with that... Just wanted to say that TC is the best
file manager I've ever met :o)


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