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[gcmd-usr] problems with FAM

From: espinosa
Subject: [gcmd-usr] problems with FAM
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 09:46:54 +0200

I would like to ask for some help
How to start FAM service?

I found, that it is part of inetd or xinetd server/service

So i triggered in my box (Mandrake 8.2):
> service xined start
> service xinetd status
> chkconfig fam on
...I dont't know, how to check if it's running.

Also in '/etc/xined.d/fam' is property 'disabled' set to 'no'

BUT when I start gnome-commander, error appears
something like:
FAMOpen2 could not initialize
could not connect to fam service
and repeating *Gtk* errors fam_init()

...otherwise gnome commander is running quite normally, except it
did not show changes in file structure, i.e. after copy or delete :)

Any advice?


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