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[gcmd-usr] incremental search & VFS

From: espinosa
Subject: [gcmd-usr] incremental search & VFS
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 19:43:29 +0200

thanks for immediate reply

ad) Incremental search
example of use:
If you press 'g' the FIRST file beginning with 'g' is immediatelly
focused, if THEN 'n' is pressed, the first file beginning with
'gn' is focused. If you then press [up] or [down] arrow, you can
move only over files beginning with 'gn'. 
(narrowing selection). 
If you then press backspace, the first file beginning only with
'g' is immediately focused.
(widening selection)

Something similar you can find in Midnight Commander after
pressing Ctrl-s (plus additional field pops up, where you can se
pressed letters. But this can be ommited)

ab) VFS
Which library use Midnight Commander?
And which library use Krusader? When I compiled it, I noticed
library: libvfs.a (propably something of their own)
Krusader has excellent transparent work with archives and it is
Open Source. The library could have some open API!?
So, couldn't be this piece ported from Krusader?

BTW: Krusader is a good, full featured commander, but is terribly
SLOW! And therefore I choose Gnome commander.


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