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[gcmd-dev] file properties -> video codec information ?

From: Michael
Subject: [gcmd-dev] file properties -> video codec information ?
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011 00:23:25 +0200
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I have to lookup video codec information more often (when searching for some 
clips to mix together) and it would be nice if gcmd could show that in file 
properties. Like the codec information vlc displays. 
The problem is, that many different formats exist. It's probably not just id3 
or so. So maybe it would it integrate with gcmd. Furthermore, i don't know at 
all which library / libraries would provide that. VLC may uses libavcodec for 
that. There seems to be a CLI taglib2 based on Mono too which is said to read 
video tags.
Any idea ?

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