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Re: [gcmd-dev] advrename: profile manager

From: Michael
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] advrename: profile manager
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2011 01:04:07 +0200
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In order to distract from my faux-pas and to obfuscate the whole issue, lemme 
go another one...


'Manage profiles' have: Clone, Edit, Remove. Adding 'New' here will open the 
path for something cool in another place -> 


'Save profile as' just opens the profile manager with a 'New' profile created 
(plus some info text). But what if i wanted to update an existing  profile that 
i just used and modified ?  Intuitively, i would try do 'save under' and then 
click on that profile line, expecting it to be updated. That would be a valid 
Apparently, this 'profile manager' is not the same as the (I.) profile manager. 
Or maybe it could be the same code, but invoked with a 'one click' threshold', 
after which it switched to just the normal 'manager' mode.

But what if i really want to create a new profile from the scratch ? Then, 
there is the 'New' button, and here we are. The 'New' button could insert the 
profile that's actually in use, when called in the 'one click threshold' mode.

It sounds a little bit complicated, but i believe it's intuitive that way. But 
it should be tried out before that can be said for sure....

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