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Re: [gcmd-dev] advrename: profile manager

From: Piotr Eljasiak
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] advrename: profile manager
Date: Sat, 08 Oct 2011 18:38:01 +0200

> In order to distract from my faux-pas and to obfuscate the whole issue, lemme 
> go another one...
> I. 
> 'Manage profiles' have: Clone, Edit, Remove. Adding 'New' here will open the 
> path for something cool in another place -> 
> II. 
> 'Save profile as' just opens the profile manager with a 'New' profile created 
> (plus some info text). But what if i wanted to update an existing  profile 
> that i just used and modified ?  Intuitively, i would try do 'save under' and 
> then click on that profile line, expecting it to be updated. That would be a 
> valid solution.
> Apparently, this 'profile manager' is not the same as the (I.) profile 
> manager. Or maybe it could be the same code, but invoked with a 'one click' 
> threshold', after which it switched to just the normal 'manager' mode.
> But what if i really want to create a new profile from the scratch ? Then, 
> there is the 'New' button, and here we are. The 'New' button could insert the 
> profile that's actually in use, when called in the 'one click threshold' mode.
> It sounds a little bit complicated, but i believe it's intuitive that way. 
> But it should be tried out before that can be said for sure....

It does sound a bit complicated ;o)

I am not sure if I grok it right...

gcmd uses only *one* profile - the current. It is not connected to any
stored profiles in any way, ie. changing current settings doesn't update
the profiles and modifying the profiles doesn't change the current one.
The only thing that can be done is to make a 'snapshot' of current
settings (Save As..) and to store it under a given name. Alternatively
one can restore saved 'snapshots'...

The problem you described refers to difficulty when you load the
profile, modify in some way and try to store under the previous name,

If so:

        Currently it can be done only in this way:
                1. use profile
                2. modify in advrename dlg
                3. 'Save As...' using new name
                4. delete the old profile in profile mgr
                5. rename new name to old one
        Agreed, this is quite cumbersome, but IMHO there a bit simpler
        solution - just to add yet another menu entry to 'Profile...'
        button: 'Update' leading to subitems (one for each existing
        profiles). Choosing such the profile would result in updating it
        with the current settings.
        What about it?

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