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Re: [gcmd-dev] gcmd-BACKWARD+FORWARD-mouse-buttons

From: Piotr Eljasiak
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] gcmd-BACKWARD+FORWARD-mouse-buttons
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 23:38:31 +0200

> While gcmd seems to record the subfolders when diving into parallel ones, and 
> follow that history with the navigation menu 'backward' button, the 
> 'backward' mouse side-button does not seem to follow this history.
> It does, in effect, the same as middle-click (cd ..). I guess what it should 
> do is the same as the nav menu 'backward' button.

The patch just works this way - it translates BACKWARD -> LEFT and
FORWARD -> RIGHT. The action for the first is 'cd ..', and the for the
latter - simply dive into dir if clicked over it.

> The 'forward' side-button is doing something that i have to understand 
> yet...to me, it appears to be like random, but it may be some 'old' history 
> instead. Accordingly, the forward menu buttons are generally not accessible 
> (greyed).

There is no problem with switching this behaviour into pure back and
forward - just I thought you were interested in 'cd ..' action when
having configured midclick to 'new tab'

> ps. I can not track the exact keycode because the 'k' flag seems to be used 
> for directory pool now, at least according to the manpage. I believe this is 
> a unlucky setup, intuitively 'k'  would be for keycodes and directory pool 
> could be like 'o' ? (If you would like to add further debugging modes in the 
> future, then 'long-options-only' would probably be another thing to consider.)

The flag you are looking for is:

        gnome-commander -d u
There is no separate flag for scanning all keycodes - the printed ones
are those handled by user actions only. If you want to examine keycodes
in details, just use xev utility.


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