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Re: Re: [gcmd-dev] Re: Gnome Commander Treeview

From: gwr
Subject: Re: Re: [gcmd-dev] Re: Gnome Commander Treeview
Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2010 05:26:32 +0200
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/    Hi to all,/
/  >/
/  >  Intersted in that :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISfzGjapXqw    ?/
/  >/
/  >  My preference goes to twin panels file managers, but it is always/
/  >  boring to have to navigate throug directories using the ".."/
/  >  pseudo-directory./

@ Michael :

But tree view is also tedious, if you have ugly lots of folders in deep


 Less tedious than "..", especially if u are a developper.
 But _THE_ problem for me is that I started to code, and then suscribed to
 gcmd-devel...where I saw the "tab" feature had been coded...which makes
 treeview unuseful, no ? didnt try it, and working with v- on lenny

Then you need bookmarks, or even better (because faster!) you set up bookmark
icons which you can click in the toolbar and you could assign a keyboard
shortcut too. (by now, only misused device icons are possibly, but this works

 Bookmarks are present in gcm, but as a deprimant
 black&  white drop-down combo...that has been making you rather customize
 the GnomeCmdConDevice widget. Maybe should I go this way ?

switching away from my customized gcmd causes my workflow immediately to slow
down by at least 200%. They just don't have _that_, big colored teletubby

 Video grab was in 30fps, so slowed it all. And executable is in debug mode ( 
printf... )
 GnomeVFS async ops allow the GUI not to freeze while getting a big directory
 such as "/usr/lib". I dont find nautilus especially slow.
 But in fact you are right on that, treeview is SLOWER...

 Another problem with adding a treeview is the resulting size of gcm ;
 With my 23" 16/9 LCD + old 15" crt dual monitors, its ok...

 My goal is to improve gcm, coz for me its better than emelFM, that doesnt have
 those flashy MIME icons...and still uses gtk+  v-1.2.x. And I dont want kde.

 Question : has this feature
 screencatst.mpg (copy 1)
 screencatst.mpg (copy 2)
 been coded in latest version ?


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