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Re: [gcmd-dev] Re: Gnome Commander Treeview

From: Michael
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] Re: Gnome Commander Treeview
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2010 14:11:41 +0200
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You are confusing me (and many more people) when you use the standard mail 
quote prefix ('>') for your reply instead of the quoted text. Consider to 
revert it.

> >/  >  My preference goes to twin panels file managers, but it is always/
> >/  >  boring to have to navigate throug directories using the ".."/
> >/  >  pseudo-directory./

You are absolutely right, and that's why gcmd has the middleclick for 'cd ..', 
as long as the mouse is placed in one of the panes.

> >  treeview unuseful, no ? didnt try it, and working with v- on lenny

You should download the 1.4 beta version, that's where new things happen.

Install the 'git' client software and run
git clone git://git.gnome.org/gnome-commander

(man git)

> >  Bookmarks are present in gcm, but as a deprimant
> >  black&  white drop-down combo...that has been making you rather customize
> >  the GnomeCmdConDevice widget. Maybe should I go this way ?

Well i seem to understand that you simply want faster navigation, no matter if 
it could be done by treeview of something else - only just faster. And you know 
i'm not in favor for treeview, although that's still pretty much standard. But 
that may change soon, too: For example, the new KDE 4 Dolphin desktop already 
has 'short desktop navigation' (it's hard t explain, best you try it) which is 
handy, nice, and fast. It requires a sort of OpenGL-like programming though and 
i think this is no option for a two-pane filemanager anyway.

Still, if you have a years-long evolved, somehow settled folder hierarchy, 
there's nothing faster than bookmarks, and if you like to improve gcmd then why 
don't you look into setting up bookmark icons in a mixed device / bookmark bar ?

Have a look into the device manager (as you suggested) and try to modify or 
extend it for bookmarks ? It could possibly suffice to have the 'mount' command 
only optional, so it isn't used when not explicitly checked.

That's my opinion, as a user, not as a developer. From a developers point of 
view, treeview may be more desirable because it is more common and looks fine :)

> >  Video grab was in 30fps, so slowed it all.

I was referring to the many mouse moves and clicks i can see in your cast. The 
movements, and also the recognition seconds used for searching folders in huge 
lists, that is what a really fast solution would cut down.

Another simple improvement, btw, could be an automatic list of 'Most often 
opened folders', in some File menu. Like 'Start' menus (Lancelot etc) use to 
auto-add the fav applications.

> >  GnomeVFS async ops allow the GUI not to freeze while getting a big 
> > directory
> >  such as "/usr/lib". I dont find nautilus especially slow.

Yes that's an important feature, generally. Hmm, Piotr wants to leave gnome-vfs 
so it would not make much sense to do much work in here.

> >  Another problem with adding a treeview is the resulting size of gcm ;
> >  With my 23" 16/9 LCD + old 15" crt dual monitors, its ok...

You have to decide what you think is 'standard' or who would be your 
'customers'. I think widescreen laptops are very common today.

tia mi

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