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Re: [gcmd-dev] 1.2.5 release - the countdown...

From: Piotr Eljasiak
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] 1.2.5 release - the countdown...
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 23:50:14 +0100

> When i open a terminal by shift+enter the command "bash" in
> the commandline, it do not obey the WMs close button (the X).
> One click on the "X" and nothing happens, but if i click
> once more, it closes as it should.

IMHO this behaviour is WM specific. I do not have this problem with
metacity. Please try to get rid of -hold option for your case.

> Today i also have some color and font specified in Options ->
> Terminal, but when i run the latest from "trunk", all that
> is gone. There is insted "xterm -hold -e %s". I think it should
> use my current options (it does not change it either).

The latest code doesn't discard anything - the only thing that has
changed is terminal settings stored now in 'terminal' key (which
defaults to 'xterm -hold -e %s') in ~/.gnome2/gnome-commander cfg file.
Please rename/copy the old 'term' one to 'terminal' to restore previous

> Why the -hold option to xterm? I do not need that using
> devel version rev.1563

SHIFT+ENTER is supposed to leave open terminal after execution of
command. Unfortunately I've been unable to achieve this functionality
using gnome-terminal - it simply lacks of any option for not closing the
window after the completion of shell command.

Before rev. #1563 gcmd achieved this functionality using bogus
gcmd-block. gcmd substituted every enetred user-cmd with:

        gnome-terminal -e 'user-cmd;gcmd-block'

what worked for (previous) xterm, but did not for gnome-terminal (as it
is not capable of splitting multiple commands - please try as a test in
gnome-teminal: gnome-terminal -e 'ls;ls')

I know that using xterm -hold is a (quite ugly) hack, but I can't come
to anything better at the moment.

Hope this helps,

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