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Re: [gcmd-dev] some ideas :))

From: Piotr Eljasiak
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] some ideas :))
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 23:33:14 +0200

> Is it possible to integrate gcmd with (nautilus|thunar)-actions?
> Is it topic for freedesktop.org, to have one place to keep actions?

What (nautilus|thunar)-actions are interested in most? gcmd integration
is likely to be possible, but it'll require much work :o( Maybe it'll be
easier just to add functionality you are looking for directly into

> Is it possible to use some way nautilus file properties dialog?
> It already have much extensions for different files... 

Not now (see above)

> It would be nice to replace commandline  with virtual terminal emulator 
> (or have it as an option) and have hotkeys to show/hide it. 

This is by design. VTE was dropped somewhere about 0.9.6 version. If you
need terminal just run your command from cmdline with SHIFT+ENTER

> Nice editable location bars is great option :) Nautilus have just great bars 
> (buttons/or location field).

Do you mean CTRL+L? You can do this simply typing cd your-path
If you mean autocompletion feature - I do agree whole-heartily... But in
this case IMHO it'll be better to have tree-view functionality (ALT-F10
in Total Commander) 

> Nautilus search-as-you-type model is great. If i have directory in gcmd 
> and have no commandline i have similar model but i have to press enter twice
> to get into dir (one for finish search mode and second to enter dir). But one 
> finish keypress is more usable than two :))

With commandline you can quckly go to the file using either CTRL+ALT
+letter(s) or ALT+letter(s) (configurable in Options dlg)

> And i found one little usability issue. When i call context menu on lowest 
> file 
> in one of my panel (right mouse click) menu becomes unusable because it has 
> too
> small size. Top-right corner is on the file annd bottom left is at the bottom 
> border
> of screen. So i have little scrollable menu with just 3 items visible.

Confirmed, I'll try t fix it.


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