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[gcmd-dev] some ideas :))

From: Antono Vasiljev
Subject: [gcmd-dev] some ideas :))
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007 05:35:20 +0300

Hello, all great gcmd hackers!

I have some ideas about gcmd :) Just if you've never think about it:

Is it possible to integrate gcmd with (nautilus|thunar)-actions?
Is it topic for freedesktop.org, to have one place to keep actions?

Is it possible to use some way nautilus file properties diallog?
It already have much extensions for different files... 

It would be nice to replace commandline  with virtual terminal emulator 
(or have it as an option) and have hotkeys to show/hide it. 

Nice editable location bars is great option :) Nautilus have just great bars 
(buttons/or location field).

Nautilus search-as-you-type model is great. If i have directory in gcmd 
and have no commandline i have similar model but i have to press enter twice
to get into dir (one for finish search mode and second to enter dir). But one 
finish keypress is more usable than two :))

And i found one little usability issue. When i call context menu on lowest file 
in one of my panel (right mouse click) menu becomes unusable because it has too
small size. Top-right corner is on the file annd bottom left is at the bottom 
of screen. So i have little scrollable menu with just 3 items visible.

Thanks a lot for gcmd :)

Antono Vasiljev <address@hidden>

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