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Re: [FSF] July Free Software Supporter for translation

From: Alirio Rivera
Subject: Re: [FSF] July Free Software Supporter for translation
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2020 00:07:09 -0400


attached you can find the markdown file with the Spanish translation of the Free software supporter issue for July.

Thanks a lot to everybody for your help.

Be safe!!!!


On Fri, Jul 10, 2020 at 7:47 AM Alirio Rivera <alricu89@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi folks!!!

The translation has been completed, I have done some grammar revisions and I think it should be ready to send. Let's do the last proofreading today and I will send the last version to Dana.

BTW: Pad updated their UI !!! and now we can see the markdown content in a better way IMO!!! go and check it out!!!


As always, Thanks for your help!!

On Sat, Jul 4, 2020 at 4:19 AM alirio <alricu89@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi all

The new Pad document for the Free Software Supporter July issue translation is ready:


as always, thanks for helping with the translation.


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   1.  Can you translate our fundraiser letter for us early next
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Message: 1
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2020 17:45:11 -0400
From: Dana Morgenstein <danam@fsf.org>
To: SPANISH TRANSLATORS LIST <fsfwww-translators-es-discuss@gnu.org>,
	trad-gnu <trad-gnu@april.org>, Rafael Fontenelle <rafaelff@gnome.org>
Subject: [FSF] Can you translate our fundraiser letter for us early
	next week?
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Hi everyone! As you're probably aware, we do a cycle of fundraising
every spring and every winter, and I was hoping you could translate our
fundraising appeal so that we can reach the widest audience possible.
I'd have the text ready for you next Tuesday. Is that something you have
time for?

Many many thanks,

Dana Morgenstein

Outreach & Communications Coordinator

Free Software Foundation


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