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Re: looking for old Linux Fonts

From: serando
Subject: Re: looking for old Linux Fonts
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2020 14:14:25 +0200
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Thank you @Anatoly.

Quote:"In case if I absolutely can't tolerate something Microsoft related."
-> I have no problem with this.

Quote:"But there is good fonts set from Microsoft that is free."
-> I like this fonts.

Quote: "I've always wanted GPL,BSD,MIT-like licensed fonts set that is really 
good on hinting, but I never found."

->This is very interesting. Thank you for sharing it.
But I wonder: What good looking fonts did Linux use as default before 
anti-aliaing was introduced?

A) Linux never ever had in no way fonts with good hinting. Linux users were 
willing to accept fonts with (little) bad hinting (before anti-aliasing).
B) Linux did use this Microsoft core fonts you have suggested as default.
C) Linux did use only pixel Fonts in Mono style.

Thank you.

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