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looking for old Linux Fonts

From: serando
Subject: looking for old Linux Fonts
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2020 15:52:51 +0200
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Please note:
I do not want to use such modern technique like Anti-Aliasing. I think
Anti-Aliasing is good for 4K monitors. But I have a 1280x1024 pixel LCD
monitor. I know that most people use Anti-Aliasing on a 1280x1024 LCD
monitor. But I do not like it. I would rather have a crystal-clear
writing with stairs than a light blurred font without steps.

I guess, most default Linux fonts nowadays seems not to look good
without anti-aliasing, because they are anti-aliasing optimized. Right?

So what can I do?
I thought maybe I just can take the same default Linux fonts, but an
older version of them. Hoping, that the older versions were designed
before anti-aliasing was introduced and therefore look good without

So I have installed the following old versions of today's default Linux
-Bitstream Vera Sans from year 2003
-DejaVu sans from year 2006
-Free sans from 2012
-Liberation sans from 2011

To be sure that the fonts do not look ugly because they are badly hinted
by freetype, but that it is really the font itself, that has bad
letters, I copied these four fonts into a Windows system and looked at
them there, with the windows hinting system.

You can find the results as attachments. Some bad letters are marked
with arrows.
Liberation sans looks quite good. The other fonts are ugly, even in this
older versions in windows.

What I am asking for:
Since fonts are the main component that freetype deals with, I thought
maybe you could give me a hint:
I am looking for fonts (fontnames) designed for Linux that were default
fonts before anti-aliasing was introduced.
What were the names of them and where can I find this old default fonts?

Would appreciate an answer.
Thank you.

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