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Re: [ft] [ft-devel] Does FreeType have internal cache mechanism?

From: Nikolay Sivov
Subject: Re: [ft] [ft-devel] Does FreeType have internal cache mechanism?
Date: Thu, 18 May 2017 08:25:12 +0300
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On 18.05.2017 5:59, Chester Hsieh wrote:
> Hi, I'm Chester.
> I just start to use FreeType engine, and I'm interested in how it works
> with cache.
> Since it would be awesome if the FreeType has a internal cache mechanism so
> that once we query a character which had already been queried and cached
> before,
> the performance would be increased.
> But so far as I saw, a FT face would only have one slot for user to
> store the latest
> query result. If we start to load new character, it would erase the
> previous one.
> It doesn't seem like it has a internal cache to handle several recent
> query results.
> I guess FreeType should have had a internal cache, but I just miss it.
> Can you
> enlighten me a direction? In my imagination, there should be somewhere even
> allowing user to set a cache/heap size to store the recent query results.

It does have caching system, it's documented [1]. Cache is not used
internally, so you have to manage it yourself, using freetype cache API.


> Thank you very much.
> -Chester
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