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[ft] Does FreeType have internal cache mechanism?

From: Chester Hsieh
Subject: [ft] Does FreeType have internal cache mechanism?
Date: Thu, 18 May 2017 10:59:23 +0800

Hi, I'm Chester.

I just start to use FreeType engine, and I'm interested in how it works
with cache.

Since it would be awesome if the FreeType has a internal cache mechanism so
that once we query a character which had already been queried and cached
the performance would be increased.

But so far as I saw, a FT face would only have one slot for user to store
the latest
query result. If we start to load new character, it would erase the
previous one.
It doesn't seem like it has a internal cache to handle several recent query

I guess FreeType should have had a internal cache, but I just miss it. Can
enlighten me a direction? In my imagination, there should be somewhere even
allowing user to set a cache/heap size to store the recent query results.

Thank you very much.


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