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[ft] How to get a glyph index of Japanese charactor

From: Hongyu Zhang
Subject: [ft] How to get a glyph index of Japanese charactor
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 20:10:37 +0900

Hello, every one:
I am a beginner of freeType2 library.
I have a problem about how to get a glyph index of Japanese charactor.
I use the function FT_Get_Char_Index to get a glyph index.
This function needs a parameter named charcode.
For a English charactor, its charcode is indeed the ASCII code (binary code),
but for a Japanese charactor, I don't know what the charcode should be?
I am using the default FT_ENCODING_UNICODE charmap which contains Japanese font.
When I set the charcode to be its binary code (eg. 0xE38193), glyph index 0 is returned.
There is anyone who can get the glyph index of the charactor in a Japanese text ?
please help me.
Thank you for your support.
                         Hongyu Zhang

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