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[ft] Acknowledgement of using freetype

From: Uchiyama, Yuji
Subject: [ft] Acknowledgement of using freetype
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008 11:08:59 +0900

Dear all,

  I'm a software engineer in Sony Corporation.

  This e-mail is for acknowledgement of using freetype, according to Freetype
  Project Licence, section 2 - Redistoribution as below.

  These conditions  apply to any  software derived from or  based on
  the FreeType Project,  not just the unmodified files.   If you use
  our work, you  must acknowledge us.  However, no  fee need be paid
  to us.

  We will use freetype in our product as binary module.

  If you need any more information, please reply to me.

  Thank you and Best Regards,
        Yuji Uchiyama

Yuji Uchiyama

                  Section No.3
                  Department No.1, Business Division No.1
                  Audio and Video Business Group
                  Sony Corporation

                  TEL. +81 3 5769 5235, FAX. +81 3 5769 5870

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