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Re: [ft] Questions about ClearType rendering

From: Roman Shaposhnick
Subject: Re: [ft] Questions about ClearType rendering
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 13:33:42 -0700
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On Thu, Jun 29, 2006 at 09:53:39PM +0200, address@hidden wrote:
> >$ xterm -fa  
> >'monofonto-10:antialias=0:hinting=1:autohint=1:hintstyle=3:rgba=0'
> >$ xterm -fa  
> >'monofonto-14:antialias=0:hinting=1:autohint=1:hintstyle=3:rgba=0'
> >$ xterm -fa  
> >'monofonto-10:antialias=1:hinting=1:autohint=1:hintstyle=3:rgba=1'
> >$ xterm -fa  
> >'monofonto-14:antialias=1:hinting=1:autohint=1:hintstyle=3:rgba=1'
> I think atleast the color-fringes problem can be corrected by the
> patch on this site:

  Thanks! That was a big help. However it now makes me ask me
  second question (and maybe at this point I should either post
  it to -devel or at least do a Cc:). 

  Why does FreeType push the filtering onto application to begin
  with ? After all they do provide different render modes with
  FT_RENDER_MODE_LCD being one of the examples. Why not have

  Is there anything obvious I'm missing that makes such a division
  of labor logical ?


  I'm aware of that view. But personally I've come to think that
  AA is good when you "scan" larges bodies of text or otherwise
  treat it as part of the "picture". To some extent where our
  capabilities for instant recognition of familiar patterns
  shine. More on that here:
  Now, if you have a place where you work with text for long periods 
  of time and the text itself is not your average human readable
  language (like xterm used for editing code) then AA has no place
  there I agree.

  Anyway, just my 2c worth.


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