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Re: [ft] anti aliasing off and error with letter spacing

From: tibyke
Subject: Re: [ft] anti aliasing off and error with letter spacing
Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2005 00:48:09 +0200

> A follow-up: For testing the spacing of the text you should always use
> ftstring since this program supports fractional positioning too.

hello, Werner & David!

first of all thanks for the multi-reply :)

the funny thing is that im facing the situation that David writes with spacing 
diff between ftstring and ftview.
what i would like to have in gd is how ftstring looks, but i only get the one 
how ftview looks :(

i didnt tweak anything in the GD source distribution except for the "gdft.c" 
file, which is the one
that "arranges" freetype related stuff:

i changed `render_mode`, tried FT_LOAD_DEFAULT, FT_LOAD_RENDER, 

the funny part is that it __used__to__work__ with some earlier versions (of 
both freetype and gd),
but now i just cant get the whole thing to work the way i'd like.

my aim is to have totally identical experience as if i'd watch a HTML page 
written with the same font as
I use for making my image with GD.

do you think this is not a freetype issue?

any help would be greatly appreciated!

Tibor Pinter

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