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Re: [ft] opentype problems

From: mpsuzuki
Subject: Re: [ft] opentype problems
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 16:10:53 +0900


On Mon, 25 Apr 2005 10:05:15 +0200 (CEST)
Werner LEMBERG <address@hidden> wrote:

>> Hmm, debian has freetype 2.1.7, are you able to test 2.1.9 and
>> 2.1.8?
>Sorry, no time.

Just I've tested 2.1.7, 2.1.8, 2.1.9 and CVS version.
The test is display by "ftview 20 yngn.otf".
As Mr. Werner LEMBERG already posted, CVS version can
display glyphs correctly.
But 2.1.7, 2.1.8 and 2.1.9 display incorrectly -
the width of glyphs are mistaken and ftviews of these
versions display single glyph per a line.

At present, I don't know which change in CVS can fix the bug.
When I rename OpenType tables (GSUB, GPOS, etc) by binary editor
and hide them, still the wrong glyph width bug appears, so
I think the problem is not caused by OpenType extensions.

When I convert yngn.otf by FontForge, the wrong glyph bug
disappears. However, the FontForge cannot save ligature
extensions correctly, the converted font cannot be used
for Burmese scripting.



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