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[ft] (no subject)

From: scriptmagic
Subject: [ft] (no subject)
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 04:49:17 -0700

Dear Sir,
I am working for a well known software devl. organization and currnetly working on a multilingual dos based product.For that we are using
One of your FREETYPE version (Freetype1.3.9).Since we found this is the
only version supporting TC (Turbo C) compilation. (If any other,Please let
us know.)And we found it is perfectly stable and working fine under TC
enviornment.We really appriciate stability of your product.
But our ultimate aim is use it in TSR (Terminate & Stay Resident Program)under TC enviornment, where we are facing problems. We are unable to include FT in TSR.
Different approches we tried are---
-Creating Freetype Lib,Include in TC project,It doesn't work since cant keep
lib in memory
-Inluding all freetype files to our application,Giving lot of errors
-Creating TC project and inluding all Freetype files in project.This compiles successfully,but unable call FT functions in TSR
What we need is a TSR under TC enviornment using Freetype.
We are facing a lot problem.Please Help us out.Please send such TSR sample code if possible.

Anticipating your valuable reply. Thank you
Rahul H
Software Engg.
Image Point Tech. Pvt. Ltd. PUNE

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