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[ft] Problems with Courier New

From: John Smith
Subject: [ft] Problems with Courier New
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 23:38:54 +0200

I have a very strange font problem. I don't know if this is the right
place to ask but I'm going nuts.

I have a triple-booting Windows/Mandrake/Ubuntu laptop.
I do most of my work in Linux in Hebrew using emacs-bidi.
Under Mandrake I installed my fonts from windows especially
Courier-New because it one of the only good unicode fonts with full
Hebrew support.

I then installed them under Ubuntu and everything was fine untill I
tried installing the msttcorefonts package around this time I also
upgraded to from XFree86-4 I don't know if this is related. Once
installing this using Courier-New in emacs in Ubuntu looks really

I didn't really understand what happened so I uninstalled the package
and all rememnants of the font and then reinstalled, but to no avail.

So when a new Ubuntu was released (last week), I formated the old
Ubuntu partition and reinstalled and then installed the Courier-New
font from my Windows partition.

But alas the font still looks terrible in English and in Hebrew not
only is it terrible there is a double spacing between Hebrew lines in
that font.

I asked about this on the font-config list and they kind-of sent me here.

I'm linking two screenshots. One of Mandrake and one of Ubuntu (with
the problem).

Notice that also the English is uglier in Ubuntu, (and the Hebrew is terrible)

Thanks In Advance,

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