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[Freetype] rouding error with 2.1.4rc2 & postscript hinter?

From: Torgeir Veimo
Subject: [Freetype] rouding error with 2.1.4rc2 & postscript hinter?
Date: 28 Feb 2003 12:08:17 +0000

I would like to use bitstream charter, which is a nice font. I get some
artifacts with freetype 2.1.4rc1/2 which I didn't get with 2.1.3

There are screenshots at

Look at the width of them stem in the "i" and "o". Note that I use
subpixel antialiazing on an LCD screen. The effect is not as apparent
when using ordinary antialiazing, but it's still there. In general, the
2.1.4rc2 version seems to produce thicker stems.

Can this be fixed before the final 2.1.4 release? Bitstream Charter is a
very nice font, and much better than Bitstream Vera serif in my view
(which wont be release with an italic version).

Torgeir Veimo <address@hidden>

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