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[Freetype] fragmentation in cache-sub system

From: Aaron Isaksen
Subject: [Freetype] fragmentation in cache-sub system
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 14:26:33 -0500

Hi.  I'm using Freetype 2.1.2 and its caching sub-system, ported to an embedded 
system with a relatively small amount of memory (1MB allotted for the font 
system and font cache).  I'm having a problem rendering glyphs at a large size, 
because the caching system says there is free memory left to render the sbit, 
but in actuality, there is no single memory block large enough to hold the sbit 
so it fails when trying to allocate memory for the sbit.   Ideally, the caching 
system would recognize this, free the lru node, and try again.

Some questions:
1) Would upgrading to a more recent Freetype help?
2) Is there a way to force the sub-system to release some nodes if a render 
returns 'Out_Of_Memory'?
3) Does the caching system actually already do this but I'm leaking font memory 
somewhere else?
4) Can someone suggest a workaround in case the system can't support this?

Thank you,

-Aaron Isaksen

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