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[Freetype] FreeType 2.1.4 RC2 Available

From: David Turner
Subject: [Freetype] FreeType 2.1.4 RC2 Available
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 23:18:20 +0100
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  I just made the second release candidate for FreeType 2.1.4. You can
  access it by the following ways:

    - download it from SourceForge at:

    - download it from the FTP server at:

    - download it from with the following tag:


  As usual, the list of changes is available in the ChangeLog file, or
  in docs/CHANGES, which is joined to this email..


- David Turner
- The FreeType Project  (

PS: Biggest differences since last release candidate:

  - fixed gzip reader bug (infinite loop for when reading tiny files)

  - the PFR font driver now reports the list of available embedded bitmaps
    correctly. It also returns the "real" font family and style names when
    available in an *undocumented* portion of the file (the physical font's
    auxiliary data block)

  - the cmap cache now supports UCS-4 code points when the fonts contains
    corresponding charmaps

  - fixed slight native TrueType hinter distortions



    - updated to newest libtool version, fixes build problems on various

    - a fix in the Gzip stream reader, it couldn't read certain .gz files
      properly due to a small typo. In certain cases, FreeType could also
      loop endlessly when trying to load tiny gzipped files.

    - the configure script now tries to use the system-wide zlib when
      it finds one (instead of the copy found in src/gzip). And
      "freetype-config" has been updated to return relevant flags in this
      case when invoked with "--libs" (e.g. "-lzlib")

    - certain fonts couldn't be loaded by 2.1.3 because they lacked a
      Unicode charmap (e.g. SYMBOL.TTF). FreeType erroneously rejected

    - the CFF loader was modified to accept fonts which only
      contain a subset of their reference charset. This prevented the
      correct use of PDF-embedded fonts.

    - the logic to detect Unicode charmaps has been modified. this is required
      to support fonts which include both 16-bit and 32-bit charmaps (like
      very recent asian ones) using the new 10 and 12 SFNT formats.

    - the TrueType loader now limits the depth of composite glyphs. This is
      necessary to prevent broken fonts to break the engine by blowing the
      stack with recursive glyph definitions.

    - the CMap cache is now capable of managing UCS-4 character codes that
      are mapped through extended charmaps in recent TrueType/OpenType fonts

    - the PFR driver didn't return the list of available embedded bitmaps


    - David Chester contributed some enhancements to the auto-hinter that
      significantly increase the quality of its output. The Postscript hinter
      was also improved in several ways..

    - the FT_RENDER_MODE_LIGHT render mode was implemented

    - a new API, called FT_Get_BDF_Property has been added to FT_BDF_H to
      retrieve BDF properties from BDF _and_ PCF font files. THIS IS STILL
      EXPERIMENTAL, since it hasn't been properly tested yet.

    - a Windows FNT specific API has been added, mostly to access font
      headers. This is used by Wine

    - TrueType tables without a "hmtx" table are now tolerated when an
      incremental interface is used. This happens for certain Type42 fonts
      passed from Ghostscript to FreeType.

    - the PFR font driver is now capable of returning the font family and
      style names when they're available (instead of the sole "FontID"). This
      is performed by parsing an *undocumented* portion of the font file !!


    - the path stroker in FT_STROKER_H has entered beta stage. It now works
      very well, but it's interface might change a bit in the future. More
      on this in later releases

    - the documentation for FT_Size_Metrics didn't appear properly in the
      API reference

    - the file docs/VERSION.DLL has been updated to explain versioning
      with FreeType (i.e. comparing release/libtool/so numbers, and how
      to use them in Autoconf scripts)

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