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[Freetype] positioning hinted glyphs at predefined subpixel positions

From: andreas olbrich
Subject: [Freetype] positioning hinted glyphs at predefined subpixel positions
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 11:08:53 +0100 (MET)


i couldn't find a good solution for the following problem (i searched the
web and tried out a hundred ways)
i have to render glyphs at smal point sizes with hinting at predefined float
positions (for rendering a document)
when i round the subpixel position, some times it's a pixel to much or to
less, and the text looks disturbed
now as far as i know the transform is applied after hinting and makes the
image blury 
the unhinted version places the glyphs right, but it looks bad of course
the hinting process changes the dimension od the image so i cant use the
bearing of the hinted or the unhinted glyph to add to the subpixel position,
befor rounding to int

is it possible to use hinting under these conditions ?
or is there a good work around ?

and a second thing, 
i saw that with hinting the images of some glyphs have a different hight
(for instance 'm' and 'n')
or the relation of smal and capital letters look wrong and the entier text
looks weird
i tried to set int character size, but it didn't make a difference

thanks for your help in advance


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