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[Freetype] Freetype onto DSP

From: Ashley Glenister
Subject: [Freetype] Freetype onto DSP
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 15:11:42 +0100

 I am currently tasked to looking into porting/implementing your library onto our range of Industrial Thermal printers (CPU = Texas DSP).
Our German counter parts have successfully installed it into their DOS based printers.
I compiled all the Visual C++ demos,  5mins no problems.
My question is, Has your library has been successfully installed onto a similar DSP system ?
It would be nice to know if anyone has tackled the problems we are about to face, and perhaps get some hints as to solutions.
For example upon initial compilation of the demo I encountered lots of warnings about over size enumerations.
C:\ti\myprojects\Tellima\freetype2\include\freetype/ftimage.h", line 626: warning: enumeration value is out of "int" range
The compiler we use is Texas "Code Composer studio" v1.2.
Are any of the programmers of the library UK based, and if yes do they do consultancy RE the library.
Ashley Glenister.
Software Engineer.
Thermo Allen Coding.
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