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[Freetype] Any other ways for building FreeType2?

From: sbdy
Subject: [Freetype] Any other ways for building FreeType2?
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 18:53:07 +0900


I'm Kim Do Yeon, working for Samsung Electronics.

Would it be all rigt if I asked the questions as follows about FreeType2.
There are a few questions in building the FreeType2.
I followed the documentation notes for the building, which detects the platform 
then builds the library. and the demo programs in ft2demos-2.1.2 work well.
But the problem is when I need to execute the test programs on the other 
platform, After
building them under the previous platform(differnt).
I know If I built the Freetype2 on the target platform, there would be no 
but there is a reason that I have to compile on the diffrent platform then 
execute on the target platfrom.
I just tried to change gcc with target-arch-dependent gcc..but I found that It 
did not work as I expected.
Maybe There must be somewhat faults in modifying Makefiles...
It's somewhat difficult to change the complicated makefiles for the person who 
faces the FreeType2 for the
first time.
So, Could you suggest the simple way just for Compiling a test program using 
the FreeType2 library?
Suppose that threre is just a test program like "test.c", which reads Font 
Files and a character, then transfer
the character into the related bitmap.
What is the easiest way to make the execution file for the test.c, just for the 
particular platform.

It would be a great help for me, If you give me the suggestion for the 

Best Regards
Kim Do Yeon


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