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[Freetype] Re: [Pfaedit-devel] Problem with rendering of OpenType (from

From: George Williams
Subject: [Freetype] Re: [Pfaedit-devel] Problem with rendering of OpenType (from PfaEdit) fonts in FreeType
Date: Mon, 02 Sep 2002 10:31:18 -0700

At 05:14 PM 9/2/2002 +0400, Vadim Plessky wrote:
I think I have found one of the possible reasons for this effect.
Please check letter B of Nimbus Sans (I have imported Nimbus Sans into
FontLab4 and invoked FontAudit)
It said: "Flat curve. The curve is flat and can be replaced by a vector
without any loss of quality"
Um. Ok. That tells us that the font designer was slightly inefficient. That's not going to cause any rendering problems.

So it seems that *easy fix* would be to check in PfaEdit during export wether
some lines are represented with curves, and replace them with vector.
PfaEdit does check whether curves can be replaced by lines. Its check is mathematically precise.

It is also an irrelevant fix.

I have looked at the copies of Nimbus Sans I have on my machine and there is no curve in B where there should be a line. In the examples you gave all I see are a bunch of hlineto operators.

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