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Re: [Freetype] Autohinting?

From: Vadim Plessky
Subject: Re: [Freetype] Autohinting?
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 18:04:50 +0400
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On Wednesday 07 August 2002 8:48 pm, Holger Waechtler wrote:
|  George Williams wrote:
|  >> Another great feature would be a scalable automatically layouted known
|  >> long text to test a number of Glyph combinations directly in the font
|  >> editor.
|  >
|  > Does the metrics view not do this? Or are the letters too large and not
|  > long enough? You can also send a print sample to ghostview. Do you just
|  > want a textarea displayed in the current font?
|  I mean more for example a text from a newspaper, from the bible or any
|  other popular book. It's just easier to see problems in long text with
|  glyph combinations you don't had in your mind before.
|  (It could be a text downloaded from a randomly choosen URL as well;)

I would be second to vote for this feature.
Besides, I think immediate preview (in PfaEdit), using latest version of 
FreeType (ftview) and different *font formats*, would be quite helpful.
Imagine that you have myfont.sfd
And I'd like to have an open window when same text (by default: alphabet, but 
it can be any text) is shown, on eafter another, in PostScript Type1, 
OpenType and TrueType formats.

I mean Preview window like this:

ABCDEFGH abcdefgh  (in PS Type1, hinted)
ABCDEFGH abcdefgh  (in OpenType, hinted)
ABCDEFGH abcdefgh  (in TrueType, hinted)
ABCDEFGH abcdefgh  (unhinted, anti-aliased)

AT a moment, I do some fixes to the font, than export it to 3 different 
formats (listed above), than invoke ftview with same parameters and 'arrrange 
windows' on screen on eafter another.
This is not very convinient and very time consuming.

I think one more option is to display the same text, in the same formats, but 
AFAIK it renders text at 3x the size of requested point size, than scales it 
back. So rendering in XFree86 can be very different from ftview (sometimes 
much better, but not always)
And when I completed stange 1, I do stage 2 (installing font, run #xftcache 
and launch KWord with test files)
This is much more time-consuming than stage 1.

|  Maybe it could just be a window displaying a user-defined text file.

Which probably should be in Unicode format.

|  Holger
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